Reasonable Excuse is my Debut Short Thriller

feat Natalie "Floetry" Stewart & Shola Ama

Samona Naomi Williams


Samona Naomi Williams is a sassy, fiery, passionate, TV, Music Video and Promo Director who has taken her talents to the big screen in a much anticipated debut.

 Reasonable Excuse was written, produced and directed by Samona who attached her unique flair and sexy energy to this ground-breaking thriller

Feature length version selected for PFM at Film London

Secured distribution deal with Echelon Studios in LA

Reasonable Excuse was an official selection at the Clermont Ferrand film Festival



“Everybody’s Got A Reason…something to push them over the edge…an excuse to be bad…I’ve had a lot of bad things happen in my life…my reasons are looking for me…and I’m still running…” Laila

O.k., so there’s this one thing I want to know about threesomes, yeah 2 guys and a girl. Don’t you umm, accidentally, like touch each other and isn’t that just a little bit gay. Laila

Right. You see how you never ever have the perfect guy, there’s always going to be something wrong with him. Well the 80-20 is there’s 80 percent of the guy you like and 20 percent of the guy you don’t really like that’s the tricky bit.


You just got to work out what 20 percent you’re willing to put up with but be prepared to put up with SOMETHING, you can’t just run out every time something gets on your nerves.


Now a passive woman, knows you know her man probably has affairs, umm you know won’t pick her up on a freezing cold day or buy her flowers, but she knows this she accepts it hence - happy relationship.. Nichola


“Did I come from the mind 

of Samona?


—  Natalie Floetry Stewart

Actress (Laila)


This for me was an exorcism of that infuriating frustration that can happen within women when we're mastering the art of submission

It's got a twist, it's a little bit dark, it's a little bit playful...




High heels, corsets and sheer decadence. Reasonable Excuse is a dramatic, sassy film about a 20 something PR executive called Laila. A dark heroine, who’s trying to move on from an incident in L.A but somehow gets caught up in the mind games of individuals around her with spine-chilling consequences that link her to the haunting incidents of her past.


Starring Natalie Stewart (Grammy Award Winning Floetry), Shola Ama (Brit Award Winner), Nolan Weekes, Tony Streeter and Kwaku. Guest Featuring Sabrina (Mis-Teeq), Lee Henry (Mobo Award Winner) and introducing newcomers Sadie, Mercedes, Dwayne Nosworthy and Kaya Bousquet.



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