Bound ART

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Recent Work in Brief

Summer 2015 House Every Weekend Visuals

Sing it with me, "When it comes to..." If you don't know the single where have you been? Not only did it smash the UK Charts with a record breaking No 1 but it's gone Platinum. I've been involved with the Stage direction for the super talented producer of the track David Zowie as well as creating videos for the House Every Weekend brand.


Spring 2015 Oxide and Neutrino Video Producer

I raved to these guys back in the day so was super excited to be asked to produce their video "Marimba" this year! Fun fact, the glasses in the video were 3D cinema glasses painted with black nailpolish. Well we weren't gonna smash up Ray Bans now were we...

After my life was halted by a dehabilitating illness, I turned the pain into Art collaborated with a photographer friend and created a series of photographic images that were featured in top gallery exhibitions, BFI Southbank, Brick Lane Gallery, Tricycle Theatre   Saatchi online and Tate online and earned me a spot in the Guardian. Every day is still a struggle but such is the life of a caterpillar.